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Public Good + AstraZeneca 2020: Stay Safe. Get Checked.


As the COVID-19 pandemic raged in 2020, postponed or canceled routine medical appointments began to raise life-threatening issues of their own. Through Public Good’s unique solution, AstraZeneca’s #NewNormalSameCancer initiative raised awareness of the problem and empowered readers to help their loved ones stayed safe.

Cancer doesn’t wait, even for a pandemic. But within two months of the start of COVID-19, average weekly new diagnoses across six major types of cancer had dropped by ~46% due to people choosing to skip or postpone medical appointments. Knowing that those canceled appointments could lead to missed diagnoses and poorer outcomes, AstraZeneca partnered with Public Good to reach people at the moment of maximum motivation: when they were reading about related issues in the news.

From October-November 2020, AstraZeneca’s interactive Public Good action units appeared on hundreds of articles about cancer, coronavirus, health/wellness, and family, empowering readers to get more information and spread the word. By campaign’s end, thousands of them had taken action to make sure their loved ones kept up with doctors’ visits to get checked and stay safe.

Action Units

AstraZeneca’s Public Good Action Units engaged readers through an interactive quiz and slideshow, then provided access to information pages and social media sharing.


Media Partners + Sample Screenshots

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